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Released in 2012: This bagless canister vacuum has a 3-speed motor and cyclonic design, identified by model number 78423.

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How do I clean my vacuum filter?

The suction in my vacuum is weak, I think it might be a filter issue, how do I clean the filter?

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Most vac’s have replaceable filters. Pull the bag out and you should see a filter on the motor side. Some have a simple fiber filter cloth/foam and other have a HEPA rated filter. You may need to replace them.

A clog in the hose is often the issue if you can pull the hose off and place your hand across the inlet pipe the suction should be about the same as the hose end if not then you’ve got a clog in the hose.

Take the hose off and get a wire coat hanger and bend it from the rod hook end to the cross leg so its long and narrow.

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Now carefully push the cross leg end into the grip side and slowly rotate it as you push you may have a hard time if the grip is to sharp an angle. A flexible drain cleaner will also work.

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