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Need R14 Resistor Value on Clickwheel PCB

Greetings - Can anyone tell me the resistor value of R14 on the clickwheel PCB? I accidentally knocked it off while replacing the video screen and cannot find it. Looking at the ipod from the front, it's located at the bottom right corner. Thanks!

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Why would you consider a resistor value a real secret? It is nothing more than a replaceable passive component. I consider publishing someone's DSP code or copyrighted schematics something that a company would have a problem with.

Broken iPods on eBay are expensive, but one resistor will only cost me a few cents. Your advice discourages replacing the component, and suggests that I purchase a part from you or from eBay. This is iFixit, and I just want to fix it.



Jim you are absolutely right. I do not consider it a secret at all, but Apple does. What I meant to point out that it is very difficult to get that kind of information. I am more than happy to send you one of my old logic boards. I am a strong believer in ifixit, its mission and to keep things working. You definitely misunderstood me when I said I was going to send you a logic board with the resistor on it. I was not going to charge anything for it. Sorry if I gave you the impression I was going to sell you something.


No problem, sorry I misunderstood your reply. I'm lucky to have a bench microscope, microminiature soldering skills and surface mount components. It would take someone with a microscope to measure the in-circuit value, then figure out the correct value from that. That's asking a lot outside of someone having the schematics. Thanks.....


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Jim, some of those values are a real secret. After all you are dealing with Apple and its secrets. If it is on the click wheel, it is probably easier to just replace the click wheel. If it is on the logic board, you might want to try to find a used one on ebay or some place like that. If you can't find one, let me know and I will send you one. Good Luck

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+ very nice offer


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