The iMac is Apple's line of all-in-one desktop computers.

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What causes an iMac 5g power source to totally fail?

One morning about aweek ago, After reading my mail, I put my iMac 5G in sleep mode,I left the house for about 6 hours, When I returned, I tried turning it back on, as I usually did, It had absolutely no response, as though the wire had been removed, I have checked & rechecked all power connections, No response from the iMac, Dead,

What can cause this sudden death & What can be done, short of taking it to a repair shop?

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Bad capacitors. Here's more information than you probably want on the [problem:

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UPDATE - open it up (three screws on the bottom of the frame) examine the capacitors on the logic board for swelling and/or corrosion. There are two button to the left of center on the board, one resets the machine the other starts it. There is an arrow in the middle of the board pointing to diagnostic lights. Plug it in and press both buttons and see what the lights do and let us know. Also could you look on the bottom of your stand and see if your serial number falls within this range:

Serial Number ranges:

W8435xxxxxx – W8522xxxxxx

QP435xxxxxx – QP522xxxxxx

CK435xxxxxx – CK522xxxxxx

YD435xxxxxx – YD522xxxxxx


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