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Released September 16, 2016. Models A1661, A1784, and A1785. Available in 32, 128, or 256 GB configurations in Rose gold, gold, silver, black, jet black, and (Product)Red.

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Most things do not work after screen replacement

I have replaced the screen on an iPhone7 Plus. everything worked before. Now several parts are not working. Home button, front camera, proxy sensor, and volume controls and sound or vibration do not work, however the slide for the ringer mute does work. I have changed the front flex cable to a new one, and still nothing different. Since the flex cable is located on the back side of the phone and not the screen part I just do not see how this would have affected the volume controls or the vibrator. Since none of this was touched. The back camera does work. Any idea what could be going on here? Help needed on this one.

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I would separate this into two issues; the screen related ones and the audio issues.

For the screen issues (HB, FCAM, Sensors), something may have gone wrong during the repair or this may be caused by a bad replacement screen. I would install the original screen to see if the problem remains or goes away. If the problem is persistent, then I would check the condition of the connectors and inspect the surrounding area for signs of missing or partially dislodged components.

As for the other audio related issues, they could be caused by the Audio IC on the logic board. The iPhone 7 series of devices have proven to be very unreliable, suffering from flex-based issues similar to the iPhone 6 Plus (Touch Disease). This can happen seemingly out of nowhere and usually follows a reboot of an affected device, like when you shut it down to repair it. Once rebooted, the phone exhibits symptoms that were never present before.

On the iPhone 7, the fault line runs along the top of the SIM card reader and affects the Baseband CPU and Audio IC. Any short copper traces running perpendicular to the fault line while connecting to micro-BGA pads, is subject to failing.

On the Audio IC, this particularly affects the C12 pad/trace although there are 4 pads/traces along the fault line. Of those four, the C12 pad (I2S_AP_TO_CODEC_MCLK) is the most critical as it is a communication protocol line between the CPU and the Audio IC. ''''

Here are the typical symptoms, as collated by the repair community:

  1. Voice Memos app / Loudspeaker on call - greyed out
  2. Siri doesn’t hear you / Caller can’t hear you
  3. Most other Audio related issues that aren’t solved by modular replacements
  4. Long boot times (3-5 minutes)
  5. iTunes detects the phone but stuck on the Apple Logo

Hopefully you can find the solution to your screen issues (bad screen or installation). If the audio related issues don’t get resolved then you may need to have your phone looked at by an experienced micro-solderer.

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@minho So it would be worth trying a new screen? What about changing the logic board? I have asked this question before (main topic question) but everyone stopped replying and so far this is the best answer so far

Edit: I have also switched everything over to the old screen along with a new camera prox sensor flex cable and same thing happens, there is no change.


If you have a known-good screen or logic board, you could certainly install it to test everything out (HB wont work though).


@minho Or would it be better to just have it sent out for micro soldering? I would have to purchase a new logic board, and/or send the replacement screen back and request a new one.


There are no bad or wrong options here. A micro-solderer will try the same things and diagnose the problem. It all depends on how much ground work you want to do yourself.


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This is a shot in the dark but the home button, if you can’t see any physical damage, might be the screen causing the issue since it is routed through the screen to the motherboard.

The volume flex cable runs along the interior of the phone behind the battery and may have come partially unplugged (since other functions on the cable are still working) or the flex itself is damaged (sliced, stabbed, etc.). Unlikely but it can happen.

I don’t have any ideas on the front camera assembly issues but I would try a new screen with your old front cam to be sure the errors aren’t being caused by a sub par screen. Even just test with the old screen if it still has touch/display. I’ve lost count of the weird errors an inferior screen can throw up.

Sorry I can’t really help more than just throwing some troubleshooting ideas your way .. Hope you get a definitive answer soon.

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