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Laptop freez & ultra slow

Hello i have an Acer Aspire 5551 model laptop.

When i am turning it on its showing constantly 100% disk usage and is ultra slow. (HDD light ON)

About 5 minutes it will freeze and no HDD light.

Thing’s i have tried :

  • Resetting the RAM
  • Changed the HDD
  • Changed the RAM module

Does someone had a similar problem ?

Update (10/30/2018)

Little feedback what i have done.

1) Run a program CC cleaner

2)Scanned with antimalmware software.

Then the freezing thing was gone & i was able to get my data from the HDD. (But still very slow & DISK usage high.

When i got my data i did a fresh windows install and the thing’s are much better now.

Thank you for the replies & suggestion’s.

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If changing the hard disk makes no difference this more or less has to be a motherboard problem. But first check the HD connector on the motherboard, and if it connects to the HD with a ribbon, check that too. Look for any bent, distorted or dirty contacts, and clean them with isopropyl alcohol. That’s not likely to cure it but it’s the only thing you can do easily. Also, check the fan is working and the grill isn’t clogged with dust. Speedfan form is useful for checking temperatures.

If the problem regularly appears around 5 minutes after switching on it would suggest a faulty solder joint on the motherboard which gets worse as the board warms up and everything expands slightly. Does it fail quicker if the laptop is already warm? Does it run for longer if you first cool it down in the fridge?

If it is indeed a faulty solder joint then the only solution would be to reflow the motherboard. Some people have had success doing this at home but without a proper reflow oven which follows a precise temperature profile it’s likely to be kill-or-cure.

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Thank you for the reply.

I took the laptop to the part's yesterday. Cleaned the fan + installed new thermal also. There was dust but not that much...

But it was getting a bit hot before the disassembling. So there might be some "cold joint's" ?

I will give it a try today with "cold start" and lets see if there is a difference.


Hi @kapuzta ,

Try running the laptop using a program that doesn't rely on the HDD or Windows.

Here's an example of just one program.

Download it and the run it from the USB port (change the boot order to boot from USB 1st).

It only tests the RAM but this means that it needs to use a lot of other things on the motherboard (admittedly not the sata controllers) but at least you'll know that the RAM is OK or not.

Also check in BIOS ( as I don't know) whether there is a hardware diagnostics section. It is there in other brands HP etc so worth a look. You could also try this if there is none in BIOS. Be patient it takes a long time to display the page for some reason ;-)


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Since format helped, it was probably a virus problem.

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