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The key to repair and mastery of your door handles, knobs, and locks.

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How do I fix my door to lock

i can lock my door and the other side just by wiggling it will unlock it

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You’ll need to replace the lock set as the button latch within the inside handle is worn or bent. Given this is an outside door you should get a deadbolt installed either within the same handle plate or independently.

The easiest way is to go to the local hardware store with a good set of pictures so you can get the same model. If you have the make and model that would be even better! You might find there is a second version with the dead bolt.

Adding the deadbolt is not overly hard if you have access to the needed tools.

Here’s a useful link: This Old House - All About Locks

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You can just dismantle the handle while someone is guarding your house and go with it to the store to take another one that will work perfectly or order it from an o-line internet shop. But honestly, if this door is an old one and it has more than 10 years you would better find a new one. There are many prefinished interior and front doors on the market for an affordable price that will guarantee you perfect protection and soundproofing. More than all, there could appear some insects in old doors because the wood wears out over time and the coating does not protect it from various pests.

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