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Apple announced the Retina MacBook 2015, model A1534, on March 9, 2015 to launch on April 10. It has a new unibody construction and includes an updated trackpad, keyboard, and Retina display.

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Internal SSD missing - Not Seen in Boot Menu or Disk Utility

My Early 2015 MacBook just boots to the flashing folder and the internal SSD is missing from the boot menu and cannot be found in Disk Utility when I boot to an external Mac OS installer. Have tried resetting the SMC and PRAM and nothing changes.

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Sadly, your systems built-in SSD has failed.

Did you have a liquid spill or sit your system down on a wet surface? Did you drop or bang your system?

If both are no, I would visit an Apple Store and ask them why the SSD failed as it shouldn’t have within less than 3 years!

While they may tell you is not covered under warranty, I would push a bit. Do keep in mind the cost of replacing the logic board is quite high and you may want to consider getting a different system.

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That's unfortunate. My advice is DO NOT accept "no" for an answer when you are asking for them to repair or replace your system for a discount or for free. Keep pushing until someone caves in and agrees to either fix your system or replace your system for a low cost or for free.


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In theory the drive should be viewable in the recovery partition however try clicking on ‘view’ and show ‘all devices’

then quit and re-open disk Util and see whether the drive is viewable

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Yes I tried this, no luck. Disk utility only shows the USB Drive.


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