Changed battery, but phone only works when plugged into mains

I have just followed instructions and changed the battery. Now the phone works, but only when plugged into the mains. As soon as I unplug it or try charging from a computer, it stops working. It also seems to be stuck at 31% charge. Any ideas ?

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@libbyd25 Do you have a computer running macOS handy?


Do you mean charging cable?


I Aaron, yes I do have a MacBook on OS High Sierra. But when I plug the phone into the computer it does not work, only on the mains.


ConfirmedMars4 yes I do mean the Charging cable. When it is attached to the mains the phone works and is definitely stuck at 31% charged. As soon as it is unplugged, the phone cuts and needs a reboot when plugged to the mains again. It does not work when I attach it to the computer.


It's a bad battery from what it sounds. Since phone goes off immediately after unplug the power from the battery is not going through (no power going in or out of battery).


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