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iPod Touch stuck in recovery mode. iTunes won't restore.

My husband plugged his 'apparently dead' iPod Touch into his USB port on the computer and, once it charged some, iTunes didn't recognize it as his iPod (calling it an "iPhone" rather than "Ed's iPod"). It said that iTunes had detected an iPhone in recovery mode and that he had to restore it. When he clicked on 'restore' it said, "Software for this phone is not currently available. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes and try again." After a few days (after the battery was fully drained again), I plugged it into a wall charger and it began to charge. I was able to fully see everything still on the iPod and even to access his apps. I let it fully charge, but when I unplugged it, it went black again and now it will not do anything. Back to a black screen and if we plug it into the computer, the same cycle starts again with it being recognized as an iPhone needing to be restored, etc.

UPDATE: So, I let the iPod fully drain again and then plugged it into the computer and iTunes. It saw it as an iPod again and said it was in recovery mode and I was able to tell it to restore it. It went through the entire process, and as the iPod was restarting, it again called it an iPhone in recovery mode. Now I can no longer see the apps and the homepage on the computer but rather it shows the symbols to plug it into iTunes to set it up - but again, says it is in recovery mode but will not restore it.


Ultimately, when the ipod touch is completely dead, it will work if connected to wall charger while it is charging. But when it is has a charge it will no longer work - whether or not it is plugged in.

Someone please help! :)

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Pat O start with a new battery. You'd be surprised to see the errors that occur when the battery is not working right. Once you get the charging and holding a charge under control, use itunes to restore the iPod, Just remember that your will lose all your data when you restore. Good Luck


You can follow this guide: iPhone/iPod Touch stuck in recovery mode. If this mehod does't work, you still can use the tool - iPhone Data Recovery to help your iPod get out of recovery mode.


You can try this way I found on google. Hope it help!

iPod Stuck in Recovery Mode


DFU Mode

I normally just hold both buttons down until the screen goes black, count to 5-6 sec and release the power button while holding the home button.


I have tried all of the above but my ipod turns back on apple logo then right back to where I started from ipod is disabled connect to itunes


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Maybe the best and easiest way to put iPhone, iPad, iPod and all iOS devices out of recovery mode is to use Tenorshare ReiBoot, a free and safe tool provided by Tenorshare Software Company. Get it from google.

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worked in seconds!!! I spent 2 hours with iTunes support and had given up Thanks!!


Ditto! This saved my kid's iPod Touch. I was about to give it some therapy with a claw hammer, and then I found this. Thanks!


Unbelievable - been struggling for weeks to get our iPod 1G touch to get out of recovery mode...this download did the trick!


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Pat O you can always try iReb from here or iRecover from here and try to kick your touch out of the recovery loop. Also check this iPod Touch 3g detected as iPhone for a problem similar to yours. Hope this will help. Good Luck

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FIXED!!!! For me anyway, and I hope for you!

So I tried to update to ios 7 and after downloading the software itunes tried to update my iPod touch. I recieved the error 3004 and was stuck in the "Connect to iTunes" screen and could not get out of it. Completely annoyed!

But then I remembered something from when I used to fiddle with iphones. I opened a program I had called TinyUmbrella, which can be used to force boot out of recovery mode (the

"connect to itunes" screen).

My ipod was still connected to itunes and in recovery mode. I opened TinyUmbrella, selected my ipad (which was just shown by the serial number), then clicked "Exit Recovery" and

BAM!!! It immediately kicked my out of the recovery screen and started my ipad back up to my home screen.

Now, my ipod was still on 6.1.3 since the update to ios 7 had failed. But I didn't care, my ipad was fully functional again just like I left it before. Thank God for

TinyUmbrella! Here's the CNET link for TinyUmbrella if you need it:

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Here's the link:

and Here's the directions for mac

If you're using a Mac, follow these steps:

In the Finder, choose Applications > Utilities.

Open Terminal.

Enter this command and press Return:

sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

Enter the password you use to sign in to your computer and press Return. You won't see text appear in the Terminal window when you enter the password. Make sure you use a nonblank administrator password.

Terminal will display the hosts file.

Navigate using the arrow keys and look for an entry containing “”.

Add the # symbol and a space ("# ") to the beginning of the entry. (before a bunch of numbers)

Press Control-O to save the file. (NOT COMMAND-O)

Press Enter when asked for the filename and Control-X to exit the editor.

Restart your computer.

Try to update or restore your iOS device again.

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