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Matching a replacement powerboard.


I have a Panasonic TH-P50G10A Plasma which was struck by lightning and fried the power board. I would like to replace this myself with a cheap used powerboard out of a broken tv, and struggling to find the exact part. Is it possible to use a slightly different part? I have found a part with the same part # except for the last letter.

ETX2MM747MF K (in tv)

ETX2MM747MF E (found replacement)

My question is, can I use this part? Or how can I find what parts will work to expand my search?


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Usually the difference would indicate a different revision of the board - something as simple as a new part vendor or minor component change.

If the seller states it is compatible with your model TV then I suggest it will work. Just make sure that all plugs/sockets/wires etc match up properly when you install it.


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Sounds like workable advice to me. +


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