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iPod video 5th generation plays music, but frozen screen

I dropped my ipod on a cement floor. When it hit the floor, the music stopped playing but the album art stayed on the screen. I shut off the ipod manually and I was not able to turn it back on. I left it alone for several weeks. Then I plugged it into my computer and it started charging (when I first plugged it in it was very low charge). It eventually showed up in itunes. After it was charged, I unplugged it from the computer and it seemed to work fine. I selected a song to play using the click wheel. The song started to play. Then the click wheel and button stopped working and the screen froze. The album art remained on the screen but I couldn't turn down the volume, etc. When the song was over the ipod stopped playing but the album art remained on screen. I manually turned off ipod. Suggestions please?

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Open up your ipod, check for loose connection of the cable coming from the back cover make sure that it is not torn or damaged, also check your hard drive by running the diagnostics. you get there by pressing Menu and the center Select button at the same time and hold (like a soft reset)until the Apple Logo appears the quickly release the Menu button and press the BACK (|<<) and the Select (center) until it enters diagnostics mode. you can also try to put the iPod in Disk mode by using Apple's instruction and see if your HDD works. I have a feeling that it is the drive that gives you trouble, but can't be sure until you check your iPod a bit further. You should of course try a reset and restore as well. Just make sure you have your iPod backed up. the instructions for that are here Good Luck and let us know....

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