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The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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Arter logic board replacement

Hi My Mac PRO (early 2008) broke down, no nvida problem and the Mac store wants 2000 dollars to switch logic board. If I buy one myself and follow your guide is that all i have to do? Is there any bios or software fixing left or does the Mac run like before when the logic board is replaced? I have all our wedding photos on the hdd with no backup so i need to be sure.

Best regards


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Hi, More data needed. Why does the Mac store say you need a new logic board? What is the problem you are having with your computer.


$2000 for a logic board? Please give the last three letters of your serial number so we can identify this gold and jewel encrusted logic board.

This is probably your machine:

Apple Mac Pro "Eight Core" 2.8 (2008) Specs

Identifiers: Mac Pro Early 2008 - MA970LL/A - MacPro3,1 - A1186 - 2180


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The most likely part number is 661-4687, which can be had new for about $1100.

You can get the board repaired with a 6 Months warranty on parts and labor for $595 + $40 shipping

You will need the original software installation disk for the fans syncing software to do it yourself. I'm using the same machine right now. I would think a reasonable labor repair rate would be about $300 - $350. + shipping and packing. At least that what I would charge a customer. Wood blocks are best to prevent the handles from getting crushed and insure it! I don't think anyone has done a guide on this machine as logic board failures are rare and so is the machine.

All your hard drive data should be fine. Please tell us why you think the logic board has gone bad. What tests did Apple do? Did you actually see them do it. Was it an actual Apple store or an Authorized Service Provider?

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Hi again,

ok i found the logic board on ebay for 400 dollars. I have the original software disc. My logic board is A1261.

So if i switch board, start up the machine it ask for software installation disc and my data will still be intact? (no lame windows formatting needed?)

Thanks for your replys

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I don't know where you're getting the A1261. Do you have a MacBook Pro or a Mac Pro? Please give the last three letters of your serial number.


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