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Cellular version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1567.

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Ipad air 2 bootloop not turning on

So I recently recived this ipad air 2 from my cousins and he told me that the ipad consistently going into a bootloop and it appears that the battery is dead as charging it for hours in either recovery mode,dfu or bootloop cycle the battery won’t powee on the device.Any suggestion on what to do?Should i restore the ipad using itunes?

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If you suspect the battery is dead, then it should be replaced.

Use a USB Ammeter to determine if the tablet is really drawing current when it says it's charging.

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@ajcooke01v2 The same way you would for an iPhone. The Lightning Connector plugs into the USB Ammeter and you see the current being drawn by the battery/charge circuit.


Alright,I’ll get a USB Ammeter to see if any current is drawn by the battery


Put the iPad into recovery mode while plugged into a wall charger. If the battery is dead flat this will allow it to at least charge the battery slowly.

It'll kick itself out of recovery after a few minutes so you'll need to put it in recovery again.

To do this hold the home button while iPad is plugged in to charger while it is showing the apple logo until you get the iTunes logo. That means it is in recovery mode if you get the logo.

You'll have to do this a few times to get the battery charged up enough for it to turn on normally.

If it still gets stuck on apple logo then the battery needs to be replaced. If the iPad housing is bent pretty badly it can cause this issue due to bad connection to battery.


Okey,I got a usb power meter and i toredown the ipad.Apparently the connection was the problem,and it appears to take charge after adjusting it.Now everything works but it has a bigger problem.The device couldn’t activate as it was stucked on the update completed so I went to reset it and try to activate via itunes.But it came up with Ipad couldn’t be activated because activation information was invalid.It appears that the wifi antenna was broken long ago.Any help?


You should be able to replace the broken antenna...


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