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Home button not working after replacement

My friend broke his screen on his phone and also his home button not working. I said I would fix both for him, so replaced screen, which I've done many times, and replaced home button with one bought off eBay. Screen worked fine but home button not working still so I ordered (off eBay again) I replacement LCD shield with Home button cable attached. Connected all together but still not working.

Have I missed something? Could it be a board issue?

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eBay isn’t exactly the best source for replacement parts…the failure rates are higher than parts purchased through reputable vendors. That said, you logical approach makes sense. You tried a replacement HB and a replacement HB Link Flex. Assuming those parts are good, then the next step is to consider a logic board failure.

The issue here is that you are dealing with parts that could be defective themselves. Ideally, you need known-good parts or at least the confidence that the replacement parts are good. I wouldn’t have confidence in eBay parts myself because of the high failure rates, heck I don’t even have high confidence in the parts I source from big vendors ;>). For a professional repair tech, we usually have other devices laying around where we can confirm if replacement parts are good or not. It’s much harder for a DIY fixer that does one-offs.

As a last step, take a closer look at the condition of the replacement parts, especially the connectors and flex materials. They are easy to damage and even the slightest damage can cause issues so magnification is preferable. If everything looks good, then consider having a shop look at it.

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Thanks Minho for your very helpful answer. I have now purchased a home button from a better source, it cost a bit more, but I’ve just fitted it and it works fine. So I guess I better be more careful in future about purchasing from eBay.

Just as a side issue I’ve now found that this flash and torch both not working. So maybe replace that cable?


The flash will not work if there is a rear camera issue so insure that works first. If the rear camera works fine, then get a replacement flash flex.


Thanks Minho. Camera works ok but when I press to take a photo with the flash set on there is a very small orange flash. What does this indicate?


You either have a bad flash flex or there is an issue with the flash circuit on the board. Start by installing a replacement flash; you don't have to remove the old one first, just connect the replacement one to the board to see if it works.


So, I don’t have to remove the battery to get at the connection for the flash/power flex?


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