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The third generation Pixel released by Google in October 2018.

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IP68 affected by front glass lifting?

It looks like the front glass panel of my pixel 3 is ever so slightly lifted from the double bracket frame. ubreakifix told me the adhesive was rolled, so I RMA-ed it, but the new device looks similar, as does a second RMA. (!!)

How much adhesive is around the frame of the front glass panel on the pixel 3? I figure if there’s enough there, going all the way around, it should stop liquid from reaching the inside of the device, even if it can get under the edge of the front glass panel. I’ve seen many teardown videos, but none show the front glass of the small pixel 3 being removed.

Update (01/03/2019)

Block Image


This is an image of the top of the device. The separation is barely noticeable, but there does seem to be a bit of dust that accumulates there and cannot be removed.

Block Image

Here is what it looks like near the volume button; when it is held in the light just right, it almost looks like there is some metal component showing underneath the device. As I stated before, this is very slight and nearly imperceptible; I think the image seems to exaggerate it slightly due to the zoom.

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It is possible that third party repair sites like ubreakifix don't care about water resistance, didn't replace the adhesive at all, or they actually replaced the adhesive, but the panel is aligned by hand, not as perfect as factory alignment. It is possible for a device to be slightly misaligned by the sides and still perfectly water resistant because the primary contact/sealing area is under the panel, not along the seams.

Anyway you can do an improvised air pressure test if the device has a barometric sensor inside the case and you can find the baro vent. Download an app that can display raw baro sensor data, squeeze the phone real hard, then seal up the vent using scotch tape, then release the squeezing hand, pressure data should go down a little bit. It should stay that way for at least 5 minutes. If the pressure leaks back in a few seconds, the phone is leaking. The problem is that I don't know where the baro vent is on this device.


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Can you post a picture of the damage area? It’s easier to tell from the picture.

The issue with IP68 rating is that it is rated with pressure. So if there is a slight tear or lift away in the adhesive ring, water will leak through. It doesn’t matter how thick it is. The phone will mostly be splash proof, but if you submerge it, water WILL leak into the device.

You can somehow perform a pressure test to see if the device is properly sealed against pressure, but I only know the procedure for iPhone, don’t have the detail for Pixel 3 yet.

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What's the procedure for the iPhone? I'll add a picture in a separate reply, I don't think this little response box will let me insert an image.


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