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Complete disassembly and installation guides for most iPods, including iPod Original, Mini, Shuffle, Nano, and Touch.

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iBook os 10.11 and new iPod

I have a ibook g4 with OS 10.11 it wont recognize my new ipod. Is there an upgrade for 10.11. or do I have to upgrade to os 10.5 or higher on my ibook

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Which iPod do you have?


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The lowest system installation on a G4 iBook was 10.3. Please go under the Apple in the upper left hand corner and see what system is listed there also how much RAM you have. Then remove the battery and look for your serial number on the side wall of the compartment and give us the last three figures. I will then be able to determine which machine you have and how high a system you can install. Do you have the original system installation disks that came with the machine or other retail system disks?

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