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LVDS connector on motherboard with bent pins

My Vizio all in one Ca27-A0 (discontinued) pc doesnt show anything on pc on boot after harddrive upgrade, so I opened it up again found the bent pins on the lvds connector on the motherboard, I just want to know what are my options right now?

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I saw your post and have the CA24 model myself. While I wish I had an answer for you, unfortunately I don't.

I did want to take a stab in the dark since you've opened yours and may have firsthand insight.

The power button on my CA24 is not clearing the chassis. I'm not exactly sure what has caused this or how to fix it and wanted to see if you may have any insight yourself.


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Hello Reda, based on what you describe you may have a few limited options..

  1. Reposition the bent pins using fine tweezers (very gently!)
  2. Replace the motherboard with a known good motherboard (unknown difficulty)
  3. Replace the motherboard connector (potentially more difficult and likely requiring micro-soldering equipment)

Did you take a picture of the bent pins?

As for where to find a replacement motherboard, you may have luck searching online or calling technology recyclers.

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