Why my psp doesn't turn on with ok battery, only charger?

This is my problem, my psp 2000 only turns on with the charger, it doesnt charge my battery, i tought it was a faulty battery, but i had another psp, and i tested both batterys and chargers, and they works just fine in the other psp, charges normal, batterys 100%, but my main psp refuses to recognize the main battery and the spare one, but both works fine in the other psp.

so what can be the problem, charger is not because it works, at least supplying energy.

Battery is also ok, it works in my other psp, and charges normal.

I looked back in the 3 pins conectors of the psp battery socket, and they look fine, not bended or corroded.

I left my main psp stored in my shelf, but left if at least a year without charging, but i could charge the battery just fine.

can this be a fuse? but if the fuse were damaged, it wouldn’t turn on with only the charger rigth?

i was thinking to buy some kind of cradle for the psp, to play with it connected to energy all time at this point, but i will read suggestions.

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