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The long-awaited refresh of the popular MacBook Air, featuring Intel's Core i5 processors, an updated Retina Display, and numerous other changes and updates. Released November 7th, 2018.

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MacBook Air 2018 - Longer Video Cable?

Now that IFIXIT discovered that the MacBook Pro 2018 has a longer (+2mm) video cable/strap that might eliminate the “Flexgate” problem on the Pro, Does the Macbook Air 2018 have the same longer video cable?

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Out of curiosity are you facing a display issue with your system?


No issues with the display, however I leave the laptop open as much as possible to avoid the possible display problem until I know that it won't turn out like many of the "Pro" models with Flexgate.


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@tom143 - The MacBook Air’s don’t have this issue at all!

The risk was with the MacBook Pro’s 13” 2016/17 systems opening the lid as that stresses the connection.

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Hey Tom,

Im not actually sure, but i’m sure this teardown could answer your problem:

MacBook Air 13" Retina 2018 Teardown

Hope this helps!!

All the best,


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Thanks, but the teardown does not analyze the video cable length that may be the issue causing the Flexgate display issue on PRO’s. Per the teardown “The Air bears a remarkable resemblance to the Touch Bar-less 13" MacBook Pro—apart from thickness and Touch ID, they are nigh indistinguishable.”

If its the same as the PRO then maybe us AIR folks have a shot of not having the Flexgate problem.


True the designs have a common heritage between them.

A couple of points:

◆ The 2016/17 MacBook Pro's have the shorter cable, the newer 2018 model has the longer, so its possible the 2018 MacBook Air design was influenced by the 2018 correction.

◆ The problem is we don't have anything to gage the length to, unlike the Pro models. Only Apple would know the real answer here.


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