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How do I replace the charge/power port on iPod 5th generation video?

My charge/power port stopped working while it was plugged into the car charger. I think it must have cracked it while I was messing with the connection due to a weird noise it was making the radio play. The ipod no longer recognizes a connection when it is plugged into it's normal charger nor when it is plugged into my computer or anything else. It still plays fine but soon the battery will die and I won't be able to charge it. I tried mutliple different USB cables so I know that it is not a faulty cable. How do I replace the charge/power port on my Ipod? As in the connection to where the USB cable connects to the bottom of my ipod.

Thank you!

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Unless you have lots and lots of experience soldering very small piece onto a logic board, I would not advise such a repair. it is more than just tedious. I am also not sure where you would get a replacement. You would have to get an old logic board de-solder that connector, do the same with the one on your logic board. Then you would have to re-solder yours. This is one of those cases where I recommend to switch the logic board against a new one. Good Luck and let us know how it is going.

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