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Is it worth trying to replace my screen?

Hello, the screen on my wife’s mid-2012 MB Air stopped working after having some water spilled on it. The repair guy diagnosed water damage (obvs!) that had fritzed the screen and because of the cost to repair and age of machine my wife decided to upgrade.

The old machine sounds as like it boots up ok, you can shutdown normally (judging by sound and changes to the screen tint) and the apple logo is faintly visible when you turn it on.

Is it worth buying a screen/ display unit and replacing it myself to see whether it works properly or is it likely that the damage goes deeper? I figured that if I bought a screen and it didn’t work I could re-sell on ebay. Thank you in advance!

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Not worth buying a replacement screen. Problem is that the backlight circuit needs diagnosing by someone that does micro-soldering.

There is liquid damage / corrosion on the board for backlight circuit. Components like the display connector, backlight driver chip and other small components may need to be replaced via soldering.

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Thank you Ben!


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