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Will not reinstall OS from disks

I am attempting to reinstall the OS from the CD's and I get an error message saying there were errors. I have used these disks to run the hardware tests, view and repair harddrive, view and repair permissions. The computer will start up but then give me the black screen saying to restart. The disk would NOT verify before re- install but yet would run all the diagnostics. I then tried another OSx install disc which loaded the new OS, but then crashed while on the welcome screen. Is this a harddrive problem of a logic board or something else. Thanks

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the ibook came with 10.4.2. I tried those disks plus I had 10.4 disks from my old tower. It seemed to install but then crashed at the welcome screen. Logic board??


Why do want to reinstall ? Did you have a problem before with the iBook ?


Yes, upon startup I get the black screen that says I need to restart. Can't get past welcome.


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Contact Apple and request replacement disks. If they still offer them they should be $15 plus shipping:

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The gray disks from another machine usually will not work. They are machine type specific.


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Was the version of the OS that you installed at least the same or newer then the version that originally came with your iBook?

According to this guide you need at least an OSX10.3

The crashing uppon loading the welcome screen does not sound like a hardware problem to me.

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