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The Wi-Fi only version of Apple's iPad 6, released in March 2018. Available with 32 and 128 GB storage options. Features a 9.7" Retina display and 64-bit A10 fusion chip.

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Quality Parts Suppliers in the UK

Hello Everyone, I am new here. I run a small repair service in the UK. I am struggling to find good quality iPad digitizer suppliers in the UK. Can anyone recommend any that they use that they have had good experience with?


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Reputable suppliers I buy from are located in U.S. (MobileSentrix, Group Vertical, etc.), I believe they ship to U.K. (ask for shipping charge estimate before you place an order).

Some nuances you should look out for between a premium and average iPad digitizer:

  • Premium comes with Tesa 61395 adhesive, average comes with generic less tacky adhesive.
  • Premium has bronze colored frame, average has silver colored frame.
  • I have seen many false advertising where they put pictures of premium digitizer and sell you an average one, make sure what you see on the picture is the actual product you will receive.

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Hi Sammy, thank you so much. Your answer is very helpful. I will contact some of those suppliers to see if they ship to the UK. I wish I had started using iFix it forums sooner. I didn't think I could get much from it. Its such a shame that iFixit don't offer better prices on their parts!


@ryannewman Although iFixit sells at a premium, it's justified in my opinion for their unparallel customer service and product quality - you get what you paid for :).


@sammy I get what you are saying. However, given the prices I have seen most "small" independents wouldn't make any money. I saw iPad digitisers being sold for $100. The average iPad screen repair costs less then $100 in London. I don't mind paying a bit more for a higher quality product, but I also have to be "rational". If 99% of the market charge one category, then unless I am offering something substantial I will have to price similar to them!


@sammy I have been in touch with MobileSentrix. What is your experience with them? For example, if I purchase an iPad digitiser, a "premium" one, what is the chances that I will have an issue with it e.g a small section of the screen is not responsive. So for every 10 or every 100 I buy, how many could I expect to have issues? Thank you again.


@ryannewman I have great experience with MobileSentrix, their premium line has defect rate of <1% (we have bought a few hundred iPad screens from them).


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Have you looked at TheBookYard - iPad parts ??

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Hi Dan, Thanks for the quick response. I am a customer with the BookYard and I have been for many years. However, they don’t have many of the parts that I need e.g iPad 6 Digitizer, which forces me to go to eBay as a last resort. Any others you can think of?


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