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No IMEI after Audio IC repair (Intel)


After 10-20 successful Audio IC repairs recently I started failing. I started to get BB CPU issues after Audio IC job.

All the successful repairs so far were done using a preheater set to 170 and Quick 861 set to 380 and 80% air. When I put the board on the preheater I applied flux and when it started to smoke I started using hot air gun. This was my routine so far. But recently using same technique I started getting No Service/Searching issue after. I suspect it is due to BB CPU.

I tried reflecting what I have changed when those repairs started to fail. And the only thing that I could think of is the flux.

I tried calibrating the preheater but it was not far off about 5 degrees.

I am not confident at doing Audio IC repairs anymore. And I have three phones on my table with No Service/Searching issue on my table already.

I would appreciate your help.

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I don’t know the hot air station you’re using but assuming the setting is precise, in my experience a 380C° would already be too much on its own, let alone the preheater that adds to the board starting temperature. The dead baseband ICs are there to prove that I’m probably right. Being right on the other side of the Audio IC they seem to get enough heat to reach melting temperature and produce solder balls going left and right. Intel baseband is big and difficult to reball (at least for me) but that’s probably what you need to do to recover your phones.

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