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The Huawei Honor 6x is an android smartphone released October 2016. It features a 1920x1080 LCD screen, and Huawei’s first dual 12MP rear facing cameras.

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Why won't my cable insert all the way into my phone's charging port?

One day I just couldn't get the micro USB cord to insert itself completely into my phone's charging port, making it inpossible to charge my phone. NP I thought, I'll just purchase a universal wall charger and bypass the broken port altogether. Problem is that my phone isn't the type that one can just slide the back cover off & remove then reinsert the battery whenever they fancy. In fact by trying to do so I may have already caused irreversible damage to my phone, ugh! I jumped the gun and any remedy might already be too late. But before giving up completely, I'd like to know what the inside of the port is supposed to look like in it's uncorrupted state, ie how many pins there are supposed to be and which direction they're supposed to be facing, etc. Or can someone show me a photo or diagram of one while explaining how to bend a pin gone awry back to it's original position. This would really help me in understanding the correct way to fix it. Thanks!

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Oh dear me, this site is called "ifixit" not “helpmefixit”. Well then I think I'm in trouble because I've got no idea where to go from here! How about we pretend it's and somebody please help me fix it. Thanks!

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It is worth taking a look at it with a torch or something similar. Try and look for anything which could be blocking your charger from connecting.

This can be something simple like a ball of fluff, or something a bit more gross.

If you do see something in there you have a couple of options.:

1) Take it to a local phone repair shop who will be able to clean it out with tweezers, and also compressed air. (The good thing about this, is that a reputable shop would be responsible for any damage caused)

2) Give it a go yourself, be aware that they are very fragile and if you use something too thick it will break. You will then need a replacement port which is considerably more expensive. <— Video on someone cleaning out their Micro USB Charging Port.

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