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Fourth generation wireless keyboard made by Apple. Released in October 2015. Model A1644.

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Magic Keyboard with Sticky Keys & Replacement Up & Down Keys

My Magic keyboard ‘fn’ and ‘control’ key are not coming to the same height as the other keys on the keyboard. When I try to reinstall them they often get stuck down.

Also the arrow keys (‘up’ and ‘down’ arrow keys) are broken and I am need of a replacement for those. Is there a possibility that I can get a free replacement from Apple?

The model number of my Magic Keyboard is: A1644

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I took my keyboard to the local Apple Store who said that they could not repair it because the they are not part of the company Apple and if they sent it to Apple the would charge them. The 'fn' and 'control' key were fixed by me so only the arrow keys are the problem now.


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Sadly these keyboards aren’t very repair friendly! Other than popping off the keycaps to clean under them nothing internally is serviceable as Apple doesn’t offer parts for them. If you had a junker to steal parts from then you might be able to fix yours. In this case I think your membrane blister has failed.

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