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My Whirlpool Refrig ED2JHETS00 can't start 2nd cooling cycle by itself

By turning temperature setting knob back/forward from its “OFF” position to different cooling temperature positions a couple of times, the thermostat will trig on compressor working till 4C temperature setting point. After that, this refrig will not trig on by itself when temperature inside raises. When I start over to play same temperature setting knob again, it will work again at same pattern. Does this indicate the thermostat (temperature setting knob) fails and needs a replacement?

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Is it possible that "Start Relay" is bad and needs a replacement?


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Hi @szhang2 ,

It seems like it does point to it being the problem

Could you please verify the model number of the refrigerator? The model number that you posted gives no results.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Hi @szhang2 .

I'd think that if the start relay was bad it wouldn't start "every" time that you manually started the compressor by moving the temperature control. It would maybe start sometimes and other times not.

Did you check the model number?


Model #ED2JHEXTS00

Thanks a lot, Jayeff!


Hi @szhang2 ,

Here's a link to just one supplier.

It's just to show you what the parts cost.

There are other suppliers online that may suit you better. Just search for "ED2JHEXTS00 parts" to get results.

Before purchasing the part check with the supplier that you choose what their returns policy is, just in case the thermostat is not the problem and if you can return it and how much it will cost you even if they refund (restocking fee perhaps)


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