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16 Eylül 2016'da satışa sunulmuştur. Model 1660, 1778 GSM ya da CDMA olarak 32, 128 ya da 256 GB kapasitelerinde ve Altın Gülü, altın, gümüş, siyah ve simsiyah renklerinde satılır.

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Screen replacement won’t turn back on

So I replaced my screen for iPhone 7 and it turned on for a second to show me it was dead but it’s been plugged in for a couple hours won’t turn on now

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I would try doing a hard reboot first. Hold down the volume button and power button until you see the Apple logo. If that doesnt work, try plugging it into your PC or Mac to see if it’s recognized. Lastly try reseating all connections. If none of these work, try another screen to rule out the replacement part going bad. You could have a short on VDD main or some other short that could be causing the phone to not take a charge. Hopefully one of the above steps fixes the issue, because a short will require microsoldering repair.

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disconnect battery plug in screen and connect to charge. (try just the screen without the front camera)

You should get an apple logo after 10 seconds or so

If you don’t, check your charge port is seated correctly

Sounds like your phone is fake charging

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