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Could you please help me with this HP Photosmart 7520 all in one print


Trouble with this printer it doesn’t take the paper keep referring run out of paper and the paper is there could you please tell me if you service it and how much would it cost me lovely nice summer

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i have the same issue, the rotating gear does not go down enough to drag the paper. i guess this vid may help :

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My printer rollers don’t look that that one. I have a 7525

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This Live News is has problems of every solution


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Its obvious that HP is not a player in the "Fix It " revolution. I have unsuccessfully tried to get detailed repair documentation that does not seem to exist. For paper pickup problems there are multiple videos on utube. Including one on disassembly not detailed enough to include proper ribbon cable disconnection or care, or its cleaning and reassembly. I loved my 7520 but had to trash it.

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