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Why does my phone charge when testing a charging port but stops?

I have a iPhone 8plus when I test a new port on it it shows it's charging and goes up and works fine but when I go to fully install the port and close up the phone the charging port doesnt want to charge anymore. Any idea why this is happening? I did replace the housing on it but motherboard was safe the entire time on antistatic mats

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The cable is disconnecting or coming away slightly when ur putting it into the housing and then putting the board in make sure its aligned correctly or fit it to the board first put the board in with the flex attached and then fit the rest of the flex.

There should be a little hole on the flex that lines up with a bit of metal on the housing to ensure it's in the correct spot for the flex to line up with the board that was on the 7 on the 8 look at the bits for the screw holes it should line up around those.

Theres normally alignment points on the housing for the flex if it's out by even a little it wont connect to the phone fully even if it looks plugged in :) look at the ifixit image here and see how the neatly the flex is around those screw

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I've tried to even hold the port on the connection to make sure this wasn't the case and it seems like it continues to happen I'll try to leave it connected then fitting the rest thank you! I'll let you know


Holding it wont help if it's not aligned correctly it's when it folds under the board thats the problem on the 7 I remember theres a little metal bit in the housing with a corresponding hole on the charging flex to line it up properly I cant remember on the 8 but its probably exactly the same...

Alternative is to fit it onto the board first and then lay the board down and fit the rest of the charging flex whilst it's still attached to board:)


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