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The Canon Rebel T6i is a popular, semi-professional grade Camera designed for any user. This guide is meant to aid in the repair of a few common problems that may occur during normal use.

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Date and time doesn't save after changing battery in Canon 750d


Each time I replace the battery in Canon 750d, a screen appears asking for a date and time. The time settings are not saved in the camera when it is without a battery. Why does this happen and how can I fix it?

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Did you find the solution? I have same problem with my Canon 750D. Please help


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Unfortunately it appears as though the camera has no inbuilt backup battery (or capacitor) to maintain the date, time and zone settings when the main battery is removed.

According to the user manual on p.43, the date, time and zone will be reset :

If the camera is stored without a battery

When the camera’s battery becomes exhausted

When the camera is exposed to below freezing temperatures for a prolonged period.

It seems that you have to put up with it doing this.

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