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The Portege Z830-S8302 is a laptop manufactured by Toshiba and was released late 2012. This Ultrabook is thin, sleek, and lightweight making it easily portable.

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What is this screw and where can I get a bit for it?

Block Image

I think it’s a line head female screw :

But it might just be a security Torx. I’m not really sure. The guides for this laptop mention a torx screw but no security bit.

I can’t find anything for it on iFixit or ebay. Game bits are external line head not internal.

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That is indeed a torx security, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the size of it from the picture. We have torx security screws starting at TR6 to TR25.

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Cheers, I've not seen the screw before. A bit more square sided than I thought.


Yeah I held up a few of our screws to the screen and was trying to figure out what it was. The edges are a bit square, but it matches up with a Torx Security almost 100%.


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