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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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Replacement trackpad won't click

My original trackpad failed so I ordered a new one from iFixit. It responds normally to touch but won’t “click” when I’m trying to select something. I’ve adjusted the T5 screw up and down where it connects to create the “click” but to no avail. No idea what else to do and it’s driving me crazy.

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Did you replace your old one for the same reason ?


No. The original trackpad failed completely. This one is for a mid-2012 MBP so it's a manual "click" and not a haptic click.


Unless you got it with cable replacement included, it might be you have a faulty cable, there are quite a bit of components over it.

In case cable was included you may contact iFixit customer service.


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Make sure you got the correct trackpad and the frame is not bent from a swelled battery.

There are a few adjustments one needs to make when putting a trackpad back in the first is making sure there’s a slight clearance around the case and the trackpad. The easiest way is to place a few Post-It small note sheets around the sides as a spacer. Then tighten the screws marked in Orange marked here:

Block Image

The next is the click switch its self often needs adjustment. The switch is marked in Red here:

Block Image

It is adjusted by a setscrew maker in Green in the first image. Becareful as you can go to far allowing the setscrew to fall out. If the plat does not go down you’ll need to rotate out 1/2 a turn and check it thats better. If the plate depresses does flex then the setscrew needs to go in. Again turn 1/2 a rotation and test.

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Thanks for the guidance. However I've still been unsuccessful. When I set the trackpad in the machine, before I even screw it in, the new trackpad won't click, while the old one still does. I've matched up the small plats so they're exactly the same spot as both trackpads, still the old one clicks but the new one does not. Adjusted the setscrew up and down... still no. I think it hates me.


Let's inspect the blister switch (Red Circle) on the trackpad.

Take it out and take a picture and post it here so we can see it. You should be able to click it using the a unsharpened pencil.


Thanks for all the help. With the assistance of a T6 screwdriver and some patience I adjusted it so that it works... doesn't feel the same as the original but at least it's working now. Again, thanks.


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