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Released June 3, 2007. Identified by model number T42 of the ThinkPad T40 series.

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Why doesn't the laptop work on e poer if battery is dead?

I have a T-42 IBM usually work on it at home so it is always pluggged in. the battery has said 98% charge forever then today it said 2% remaining and thenit 5 minuteslater the machine shut down. The laptop will not runat allit foes on and clicks off in <10secs. I took out the battery and tried to run it on elctric only but nothing lights up as if it is receiving no juice/

Is the battery a necessary componenet and if so d o you have to let it run on battery everyso often?

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Hi, I think you may have a bad power brick for two reasons 1. Unit should run fine with just the AC power--I've done it many times on T42's I have owned. 2. The fact that the battery is not charging leads me to believe it is not receiving an input. Try to borrow another brick and see if everything works--I would try it with the battery out first. If this cures the problem the bricks are readily available on ebay for reasonable cost. If it doesn't work get back to us and we will look into it further.

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