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Face ID is not available after drop


i have a problem regarding the Face ID of the iPhone XS Max. After dropping my phone on it’s back the glass on the back shattered.

But unfortunately since then the Face ID also doesn’t work anymore despite the fact that the front panel is in perfect condition.

The portrait mode with the front camera doesn’t work too. It doesn’t recognize my face properly.

my question is: Which part has a failure and how can I manage to bring the Face ID back to life again.

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Unfortunately FaceID technology is based upon a variety of sensors which are very fragile and will very easily break once the phone is dropped (especially dot projector), this is why humidity and moderate bumps will often results in faceid PERMANENTLY broken. And since Apple products are built to trap the user in their ecosystem made by reckless and lucrative rules, you won't be able to fix it unless you spend an insane amount of money in Applecare services or individual repair. In this specific case, changing the damaged part only is not going to fix the issue because it's paired with the main board, it's the trick they use to maximize profits on poor ignare people that buy their products. A sort of legalized scam.

The best thing you can do is always avoid to buy Apple products and in 99% cases you will be able to fix your phone at cheap.


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Face ID will only work if apple does a screen replacement on the phone.

Chances are the flex for the FaceID sensor module is torn and will cause it to not work. Replacing it will not fix the problem as it requires apple to pair the part with the board which sucks.

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Thanks for your answer.

Do you think it will help if I check the connectors?


I don't think so as every flex connector in the phone are covered by a metal plate to ensure they don't disconnect from drops.


This answer is not acceptable for the question that was asked.No offense but the flex cable in these scenarios is not a genuine answer.Well then was it genius you ask???

Survey says.........

Tru depth sensors are misaligned they are the empty black circles next to the actual camera module and if you need me to go any farther with this then you should definitely not fix it yourself.The sad part is this is the right answer but only few will see it because I fix it will not highlight it as such but I digress.


@Fuad No it wont, 99,9% your dot projector broke in the fall cause it's as fragile as a crystal. Fixing it would be insanely expensive. I know cause I got the same issue with an iphonex provided by the company I work for. When you choose apple, you choose to waste your money, embrace it.


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Sounds like something is wrong with the dot projector.

How to Fix iPhone X Face ID Not Working 'Move iPhone a Little Lower/Higher'

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