PSP won't run in battery even the battery is in good condition

Just some quick flashback.

i have a PSP-2006 with a TA-088v3 motherboard and i brick it accidentally last 6 years ago.

ok now to the present day.

i decided to fix it since the only problem is a the motherboard so i bought a “semi-broken” PSP in which the only problem is the buttons are not working but other than the other parts are working fine and i kinda got lucky since its a TA-085v2 so if i bricked it i can just use a pandora.

Here lies the kicker. I kinda fixed now my PSP. Just swap some parts like the motherboard and stuff. UMD games work fine same as the games in the Memory Stick but the battery can’t be recognized by the system. So i thought maybe the battery is just busted or some sort. Kinda fiddle with it and got it fully functional (reviving a dead battery trick). Even tested with the voltmeter but the PSP still won’t recognize the battery but there are times that the battery is recognized and able to play for about 1 and a half hours just to drain the battery. So just to test a theory that maybe the batteries are really the problem, i bought a new knock off battery which run pretty smooth at first after i drained it and charged my PSP but after that it won’t recognize the battery and now it crashes the PSP and won’t start but if i put my original batteries it turns on but won’t recognize the battery.

So to summarize things up

My PSP SOMETIMES recognize the battery, sometimes not.

If the PSP is acting up…

-PSP turns on but won’t recognize the original batteries

-PSP crashes and won’t turn on if i inserted the knockoff battery

(i already thought that it maybe a faulty motherboard but can you give me an insight)

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