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Model Number A1707. Released June 2017, this MacBook Pro features Kaby Lake processors up to the 2.8 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.8 GHz.

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MacBook Pro 15" 2017 weird colors on screen

I have this problem with my laptop where some screen colors seem to be off. Apart from that, computer works fine.

Screen colors are working when I connect my laptop to an external display and also, colors shows correctly on screenshots.

Here is how it looks:

Has anyone has this problem and was able to solve it?


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If you hadn’t tried an external display I would have said you must be taking some good stuff to see these chroma effects!

Have you tried checking the display settings under the System Preference’s?

As your external is working correctly it does narrow things down to the internal display logic. Unlike older models which used iDP (also known as eDP) which is an internal version of DisplayPort, this system uses a direct feed from the GPU logic to the T-CON board within the main case then the ribbon cables interconnect to the LCD within the display. Here’s a view of the connections on the T-CON board.

Block Image

The T-CON and the display are all within the same assembly. There is no way to fix this other than replacing the full assembly. Is your system covered under AppleCare or AppleCare + If it is then you’ll need to visit an Apple Store or authorized service center. If not its not going to be cheap!

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It seems like you have some sort of inverted colors on which usually if this is on it changes the color of everything on the screen and not just images. what I would try is to click the apple on the top left corner then click system preferences and then after that click accessibility then click display you want to make sure the 6 top boxes aren’t checked.

Block Image

if this doesn’t work you could try the color settings under display.

Block Image

If this still doesn’t work then I would head into an apple store and see what they have to say. If you don’t want to do that option you could back up your computer and do a factory reset. if it continues to have issues then it could be hardware related.

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