black screen but the green and the blue light is on


i have a samsung n150 plus net book my problem is after long time i try to use it

but the problem is it wont turn on just only the power light and the green light glows

i try the method of removing power and long press the power for 59sec still its not booting and i ram also good

please help me thanks

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Is the charger connected to the laptop?

Have you tried removing the battery and starting the laptop on the charger only?

Can you hear if the fan is operating?

Which blue light, power or HDD?

Can you get into BIOS by operating F2 after startup.

Have you tried connecting an external monitor to the vga port to see if there is an image there with the computer "on".

Have you tried shining a torch at an angle close to the screen to see if you can detect an image at all when the laptop is showing the lights? It will be very faint so try this in a darkened room to help.

What else have you tried?


hi jayeff

yep i tried removing the battery and starting the laptop but its same cant even see form a monitor it oh and the fan is not working sir also

the light that glows power blue and the green for power adapter

and yes fist thing i see is the lcd


and with help of my friend we tried to relapse cmos battery also but the problem is still the same sir


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