Intermittent light & turntable operation

Kenmore 721-62463201 microwave. Intermittently the light and turntable stop operating, but magnetron continues to heat. I can push the door or touch the latch button and they will start operating again. Sometimes when opening the door the light will NOT turn on. Sometimes when in operation touching the door frame or latch button lightly (or banging on the unit with my hand) will cause the light/turntable to stop… touch again they will start… etc… all the time the magnetron is heating and clock counting down. Changed primary interlock switch (looked like it had burnt contacts), the other two switches have good looking contacts and measured good with multimeter. I’m thinking a mechanical latch alignment problem or loose wire. Any help appreciated.

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First stay away from a broken microwave, the transformer output around 2000 VAC and if the magnetron works and you accidentally put your hand inside then you'll have cancer so be careful.

Second I think you have a shunt somewhere that causing all this mess, tell us more about what happened before so we can locate the origin of the problem.


Yeah what @vertinhol said, Broken Microwaves are really Dangerous.. although if it's a latch problem involving the door.. and the plate stops rotating + the light turns on/off... I don't get why it's still heating... Probs door latch sensor faliure?. Seems like an old Microwave


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