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Do I need to do anything in the software after replacing the battery?

I used AccuBattery to estimate my battery capacity before replacing it and I was getting around 2500 mAh. Now after replacing the battery my battery life is significantly worse and the app now estimates the capacity is only 2100 mAh. Do I need to do anything in the OS to calibrate the battery after replacement?

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Hi @rogertiu ,

after this change, you can calibrate your battery, but it’s not necessary. I don’t know, where did you buy your new battery, but the capacity of a brand new battery from manufacturing is having a higher capacity then it is written in the description of the phone. On the contrary, every next battery will have a smaller capacity, especially batteries from “non-original services” will have much lower capacity, then original.

Anyway, there are tips for calibrate your battery with rooted and without rooted device.

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Thanks for the information! I purchased the kit from ifixit. I will contact them to see if they can help.


@rogertiu You are welcome! Good luck, let us know, how does it go.


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