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Samsung'un başı çeken telefonu, Galaxy S9. Mart 2018'inde piyasaya çıktı.

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Why my screen turned black?

So my phone fell, and the entire screen went black.

At first it was a crack, the next day the bottom half was flashing and couldn't see the bottom of my screen but this awfully strong flashing light. Then two days later it went black, and couldn't hear my phone ring or anything even tho I had charged for couple days but then I tried rebooting it (power button with lower voice button) and I will only see a thin line in the middle of the screen!

What needs to be fixed or replaced?

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I did it just won't turn on the whole screen only a straight line because of the crack:(

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The screen needs to be replaced.

A local reputable repair store or an authorized Samsung Service Center (SSC) can replace the screen for you. Prices may be similar from both stores so if they are go for SSC if it is.

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Most of the times this kind things happened (i mean wont responsive) because firmware crashes. You should check the Galaxy S9 troubleshooting page because there can be solution for your problem. Have you try to force restart it while connecting to the charger?


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