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Model A1311 / Mid 2010 / 3.06 & 3.2 GHz Core i3 or 3.6 GHz Core i5 Processor

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My iMac has a black screen

I was replacing my CPU to an intel i7 870, when I put I back tougher the iMac didn’t turn on. So I put back my original CPU I hear a boot sound but no screen image.

I have tried to reset the PRAM and the SMC but its not working! I think I broke the graphics card but I’m not sure.

Please help me!

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Well the Intel i7 870 is the correct CPU for this series! So unless you got a bad one that shouldn’t have been the issue.

Did you remove the GPU’s heatsink by chance to refresh its thermal paste? If not then I can’t see how you effected it.

My money is on the displays connections. If you have the system still together lets try this simple test. Place a lit flashlight against the display at a sharp angle are you able to see your desktop and its icon’s? If you are then you know the issue is within the backlight connection or the LED Driver board. If you don’t see a display image then the LVDS cable has become damaged or the logic board connector is damaged. I’ve seen people reverse the connection which will also damage the logic board.

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I have tried the flash light method And I don’t see anything I don’t have another Cable and when I plug in a External screen I don’t see anything just a black screen but the external screen recognize some thing but it’s just a black screen


Time to review the onboard diagnostic LED's what are they telling you?


The two first led’s are lighting up but the graphics card led and the screen led Isn’t lightning up


Well, I'm leaning to a bad dedicated GPU.

Plug in the display fully again and now from your USB keyboard startup the system again and hold the T key that will allow you to enter into Target Disk Mode. Under this mode you should see a FireWire Icon on your internal screen do you?


No I don’t see it


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Then the CPU you put in is defective, unless you damaged the LCD connections.

This test leverages the Intel internal graphic services of the CPU (not the dedicated GPU) so if that failed the CPU is in question now.

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