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The third generation Pixel released by Google in October 2018.

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Is it possible to replace the glass only?

I just dropped my pixel and the glass cracked in the right upper and left bottom corner. Now I can either buy a screen and replace it or the glass only (which only costs about 13€) - Is it possible to just remove the glass and replace it? In your guide to replacing the screen, it kinda looks like it would be possible. The screen works fine so far,

Google Pixel 3 Display Assembly Replacement

(Step 38-41)

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A quote from a reddit post, in short it’s not economically viable for anyone that does not do screen refurbishing for a living:"

Unless you invest about 3k in the right equipment and you practice on another 4-8 screens breaking most of them I'm sure you could do it, seriously don't even bother.


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Having bought a front glass replacement kit online c.£14, it arrived with no instructions or advice! Now having checked the YouTube videos showing how to do it I concluded that it would be very difficult if not almost impossible for a DIY amateur without a heat gun or heating pad and other specialised equipment to accomplish this task. It is a tricky operation as you have to separate the old LCD screen which is bonded to the original cracked glass screen. Looks like I need to buy a new phone and protect it better!

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