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Released in 2011, the S7340 model was built for lower-resolution gaming, office applications and web browsing. The 6.2-pound weight is offset with a 17.3 inch display and full keyboard with both a 10-key and trackpad.

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No Display or Disk activity.

Hello. I am having a problem with this PC. I boot it up, and I do not see anything on the display. I do not see the Toshiba splash screen. Also, there is no disk activity. The only LEDs that light up is power and wireless. Please help me, as this is my daily driver laptop. It has Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64 installed.

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Tried removing battery and booting with charger plugged in? If still no response from the computer, take a multimeter and check the output voltages on the charger; you can also use a multimeter to check for correct battery voltages. If things seem normal with both battery and charger, then it is time to start inspecting the laptop itself which probably will require that the unit be opened for visual malfunctioning component inspection and the taking of various multimeter measurements such as voltage, continuity etc. Also try searching using Google, Google Images, Youtube etc for known issues with your unit.

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