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Model A1200 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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iMac 24" 2.8 EMC 2211 doesn't power on

Hey guys,

A year ago I bought a second hand iMac 24 inch, 2.8 320 GB SD iMac. Worked fine for a year. Last couple of days it was in sleeping mode. Today it doen’t boot anymore.

No fan, no sound.

When pressing the power button there is no fan speed. I red all the topics on here, and some on google, and this is what I tried already:

Switching multiple power cords and outlets.

Pressing the button for 1-2 minutes.

Removing RAM

So I decided to open her up to look if the indicator leds give any more info. They are all off.

First thing I was thinking about is try to change the power supply, but I found out that is about 150/190 dollar. Half the price of what I payed for the whole Mac.

Anything I can try ?

Update (09/05/2019)

Ordered a new power supply and it works again :)

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Happy it all worked out!


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You might be able to fix your power supply. Your Power Supply is facing a common issue Capacitor Plague Otherwise, it’s time for a new power supply.

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How do i find out if the capacitors are safe to handle after unplugging ?


Leave the system off for the night and with the AC cord disconnected press and hold the power button for a good few minutes.


Thanks ! And by the wiki page you send i pressume i look for visual damage on the capacitors like rust, burst and leaks ?


Take a good read it will make it clear what caused the issue and yes any visible damage to the caps or leakage is the sign you need to replace them.


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Hi Patrick !

In view of the tests you have already done, it is indeed very likely that it is the power supply.

Maybe you can get a second-hand or collect it on an iMac for spare parts.

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