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2.3GHz, 2.6GHz, or 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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New replacement battery quickly drops to 7% and stays there, why?

So i got my replacement battery installed yesterday and i charged it to 100% and kept using it during the evening without any problems. The battery drain seemed fine from 100 down to about 50 % and then suddenly made a quick drop down to 7%.

The wierd thing was that i could keep using it for a couple of hours even though the percentage was slowly dropping. It stayed at 7% for a really long time. I watched 45 minutes of live football, did a little bit of web browsing, watched some youtube and worked in photoshop a little while. All of this from 7% down to 2% when it entered sleep mode.

Is this due to bad battery calibration or is it a faulty replacement battery? What do you think? It feels like i got a good amount of uptime from one charge but the percentage was way off.


Here is a screenshot from Coconut when it’s fully charged.

Block Image


Ok so i just reached 7% again after playing a youtube-clip for a couple of hours and playing in photoshop meanwhile.

This is what Coconut reports at the moment. The percentage dropped in two steps really. It dropped normally down to 41% and then it dropped rapidly to 29% and a few moments later down to 7%.

Can bad calibration cause this type of behaviour or should i suspect the battery?

Block Image

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It may be a bad battery logic, but allow a few charging cycles to be on the safe side. Some batteries may just need a little use to get into full shape, other will just stay as they are or even get worse soon. You can have a look at Coconut battery to get info on its condition at a glance.

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Here is a screenshot from Coconut battery when it was fully charged this morning. Does it look normal?

I also did a SMC-reset yesterday and then charged it to 100% so i will have another go at it and see if there is any improvement this cycle.


@berisen Capacity is quite good although not perfect. Percentage may not be accurate but its hard to say whether calibration may correct thing after some usage, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.


@berisen Did the SMC-reset help? I have exactly the same problem. I tried fully draining it and recharging a couple of times, but nothing helps. CoconutBattery says the battery is in fine state, but decharging abruptly goes from ~90% to 7% and shutdown within an hour. Recharging suddenly jumps from ~40% to 100% after an hour or two.


@Berco Beute

Actually the problem never went away. Ended up replacing the battery but unfortunately the replacement was just as bad (even worse since it was DOA) so right now i'm hanging in there with my original battery with bad capacity. At least it works as it should besides the low capacity.

It seems to be a lottery with these replacement batteries. I will give this another try as soon as i can get my hands on a good replacement battery.


@berisen I'm not into batteries manufacturing or technology, but what we 're seeing right now in the batteries market as second last buyer is the worst I've ever seen in years. I stopped replacing batteries for customers some months ago, I can't handle efficiently all time waste related to replacements/returns and still retain a minimal profit.

Reliable suppliers who stand behind their policies are all that's left..manufacturers are pushing into the markets all kinds of sh*t they manufacture by mistake.


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