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Just Posted "Check Your Battery Health In Windows'

Followed instructions to get to PowerShell.

I get a PowerShell and a PowerShell (x86) line.

When I type in powercfg /batteryreport all I get is a return line like this:

‘Invalid parameters — try “/?” for help’

Tried both, same response.

This is a HP Paviion g6-1b59wm (label below keyboard) running Windows 7.

Suggestions for next step?

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Only have windows 10 on desktop unit here but here's a couple of suggestions:

try bringing up powershell in Administrator mode.

when typing powercfg /? don't include the quotes around the /?


You can use hwmonitor64 to check the wear level on most laptop batteries. If it's over 40% the battery is recommended to be replaced.

I've tried those commands they seem to work on windows 10 under command prompt (cmd.exe).


Not a command on this old W7 HP Pavilion Laptop. Thanks for suggestion. Did figure out how to get an elevated command prompt but the html report doesn't give any real information on battery condition.


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Using the /? in lieu of /batteryreport does the trick, gives lot of possible commands. I can see that in this laptop I need to use the prompt /energy. Then there are some options listed which are probably not important since I just want to see the battery report.

However, if I input powercfg /energy I get this return:

"The Energy command requires administrator priviliges and must be executed from an elevated command prompt"

I'm way out of my element so guess I'll just go buy another battery. Thought it would be worth looking at the report but at this point I'm lost.

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