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Can I change iPhone 6 screen and keep touch ID?

So I have a gold iphone 6 with a perfectly working logic board that I would like to move onto a black iPhone 6 donor because the black one is newer and all it’s components are new but the logic board is dead so I want to simply move the white iphone 6 logic board and move it to the black iphone 6 BUT I would like to keep the Touch ID working and preferably keep the black touch ID too if possible, (also the screen on the white iphone 6 is a replacement screen so I would like to use the black iPhone’s screen as it is the original screen still).

So do I have to move the home button from the white iphone if I move the logic board? (Which I’m pretty sure the anser is yes but I thought I should ask anyway.) Becasue if I do this, I will have a Black iPhone with a white home button which isn’t really ideal for me but I also don’t want an all black iphone and not have touch ID working.

Any suggestions on what I can do? is there a way for me to separate the white cover of the touch ID from the sensor undeneath and move that to the black iphone so the phone is all black and working with a touch ID?

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The home button stays with the logic board, that is the rule.

You can’t peel the button face off the chip, the glue used to stick them up is stronger than the chip itself, but you can always apply additional stickers on it to change the color.

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This was actually the one answer I was looking for but couldn't quite put down the question into words. Thanks a lot.


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As long as the logic board and Touch ID parts match. Touch ID will function. The screen and other parts don’t affect Touch ID

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I would not start messing with the home button housing it will only end in heart ache. I remember seeing some home button stickers that will do what you want they said the fingerprint would still work but I cannot confirm. They come in all the iPhone colours. Sorry I don’t remember where I saw them.

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