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Repair guides for displays (or monitors) for computers or other devices with video output.

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Screen turns white-grey, blue, randomly how to diagnose the problem?

Hi, my screen turns white randomly while using it. I can't tell you when this happening but sometimes while unplugging the USB drive or working on Adobe products (Ps, Ai, Id, etc) sometimes watching video on the browser or just while to work on Explorer or Finder or on Netflix. As I said it's happening randomly sometimes no problem on a week then suddenly coming back. When this happens I am making force restart from the case. BTW it's not fully white its look like whitish-grey, blue or light green. But mostly is whitish-grey.

Block Image

Block Image

Anyway, first I thought, maybe my graphics card faulty (I were using GTX 660 back then) And I bought a new graphics card RTX 560 and nothing changed. Same time I upgraded my CPU and Motherboard also. But it didn't help.

I also added a new OS for a test and turned the whole system to Hackintosh. (I installed High Sierra and Mojave) But the problem still continues.

Ohh! I was almost have forgotten the most important part. My Display.


I am using HP 2711x 27-Inch LED Monitor. I know my display is old for these days. This screen has 3 ports and I tried all connection type for this problem and none of them didn't help.

Just one part I didn't upgrade on my system, of course, it is Display.

Nowadays the screens are very expensive, at least what I want. But I tested the screen on the TV connection. I connected the screen to the TV and this problem never happened on TV connections.

I am still not sure this problem came from Display or settings or other parts which I upgraded all parts recently.

What I want to know when this problem comes how can I diagnose this problem on both OS. (Mojave or Windows 10). The screen turns whitish-grey and I am making force restart from the case. After opening the OS where should I look? How to diagnose this?

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Personally if I was trying to troubleshooting this kind of particular problem, my first course of action would be to open the monitor and reseat all the connectors. Improperly seated connectors (which are also subject to heat expansion/contractions, infiltrating dirt etc) can cause this kind of problem.

Others mileage might vary. :-)

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I watch a video about this process and I did that but it didn't help.


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@telepati "But I tested the screen on the TV connection. I connected the screen to the TV and this problem never happened on TV connections" need to clarify this for me please. You are using the monitor as a TV and it does not have the issues or are you saying that when you connect it via the RCA plugs it does not have those issue? If that is the case then your issues are the main board. Either a cold solder joint or a failed connector/component. Let us know exactly what you did and how you connected it.

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No, no its not the RCA plugs I am using HDMI connection type for the TV. We are using Cable TV with Setup Box and connection Type is HDMI which my monitor has HDMI connection. Also, I recently updated my motherboard.


@telepati are you using HDMI for your computer setup as well? I just want to see if there are differences between the way you connect it to the computer vs. the way you connect it as TV.


@oldturkey03 Normally, I always used with the HDMI but lately, I turned to the DVI and nothing changed problem persists.


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