Changed Battery on dead Ipad and It won't turn on or charge

Ipad Pro died and would not power back on or take a charge. After using a smartmod tristar tester to rule out hydra/tristar chip I went ahead and ordered a new battery and replaced it. This however did not remedy the issue. While plugged in the ammeter is at zero but will very briefly jump up to 1.07A and then drop to zero again about once every second or two. The battery voltage reads at 3.82V and while the battery is removed if I connect the lightning cable and test the connections to where the battery “plugs in” I can get around 1.3V but it does fluctuate wildly.

I guess my questions are how many volts should i be getting at the battery connection while plugged in and any thoughts on what the actual problem is. Also is there a better way to test the charging port since it soldered on the underside of the board and Id like to make sure that power is at least making it through to that point (even though the tristar tester did give the dock a pass). Thanks

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